Board of Directors

  • Victoria Abigail Moran
  • Arman Fakharian
  • Ana Julia Lopez- Secretary
  • Thomas Fatemi
  • Matthew Grimmig- Chair
  • Tonya Chaldaris
  • Marah Duarte Studder- Vice Chair
  • Kambiz Zainabadi
  • Olga Guadalupe Rayo-Kirksey- Treasurer
  • Karissa Tran Sharifian


We strive to ensure that our services are accessible to people with disabilities. We’ve invested a significant amount of resources to help ensure that our website is made easier to use and more accessible, with the strong belief that every person has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort and independence. Read our Accesibility Statement.


Personalized patient care is what sets Angeles Community Health Center apart. When you visit us you can expect to receive excellent care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

Woking Hours

  • MONDAY 08:30am-5:00pm
  • MONDAY 08:30am-5:00pm
  • WEDNESDAY 08:30am-5:00pm
  • THURSDAY 08:30am-5:00pm
  • FRIDAY 08:30am-5:00pm
  • SATURDAY 09:00am-3:00pm