Services Offered

The ACHC healthcare medical and behavioral health team are a collaborative assembly of dedicated, caring and compassionate professionals who seek to provide the best care possible to you and your family. The ACHC staff work together to assure patients are provided with the services and assistance to achieve greater overall health and an improved quality of life.

ACHC offers convenient and affordable Dental Services to meet your family’s dental needs.

ACHC doctors and our team of health care professionals will track a woman’s OB-GYN health needs before, during, and after pregnancy, and monitor their health and that of the newborn child. ACHC also offers a full array of pediatric services to make sure that your bundle of joy grows up to be a healthy adolescent and young adult.

Family Planning/Reproductive Health services are available to women and men who seek confidential family planning and related services. Services include FDA-approved birth control methods, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing and options counseling, Pap smears and HIV testing.

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